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The most common answer to this question is the difficulty of removing an open wound. But some women find that the scarring can’t heal, resulting in scarring and scar-like skin growth, also known as an erythema (pronounced “ee-REE-ma”) of the skin.

What is the treatment for an erythema?

The best treatment for an erythema is to seek medical attention. The scar can’t be completely dissolved, and it will cause the skin to sag and become thinner. Doctors recommend avoiding contact that is intense enough to be painful.

The most common treatment for scarring is surgery, which is much less painful than removing the scar, but involves removing the entire skin flap. A surgical procedure is a highly invasive procedure that may need to be repeated, and the scar may be left untreated for the rest of the individual’s life.

Does it hurt?

Most likely not. An erythema is the result of a reaction to the skin injury. However, most erythematous skin is not painful at all, and most women are unaware that they have one. You can often avoid all the pain involved, simply by getting lots of regular sun exposure.

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