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After an accident like a car accident your body can produce adrenaline, which is the same hormone that causes you to burn your fingers (for example), but it does that quickly – less than 15 minutes. For the most part this is harmless, but it can cause blisters. The more time between the skin being burned and the blisters forming we have the greater the risk, because we’ll have less time to protect the skin and the blisters will become bigger.

How long does it take after a tattoo removal to feel normal?

When you are healed you can look forward to feeling normal again, even if you are not at work or school. If you have blisters or skin inflammation around the site of the tattoo, this can cause you to feel more irritable. However this can often disappear within a few days.

Is tattoo removal painful for me?

Tattoo removal surgery doesn’t hurt – if you have a blistering skin infection such as pimples, sores or boils you can choose to have it removed using an anti-bacterial cream from your GP, local healthcare provider or dermatologist.

If after your tattoo removal surgery you still feel sore or uncomfortable, check out the post-tattoo healing section of this website for advice on how you can prevent skin infections.

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