Where do tattoos fade the most? – How Painful Is Tattoo Removal

Tattoos fade over time.

You often say that your tattoo doesn’t look like the old one.

Why is that?

The image faded with age.

You say you haven’t had a tattoo in 10 years.


Some people have a hard time getting their tattoos off.

Do your tattoos ever get caught on something?


So does it happen with everyone and every one of your tattoos?

Some definitely do.

Some don’t.

Did anyone else try to get rid of a tattoo before you did?


You know why not?

They’re scared of you, so they don’t want to get their own back.

I know.

You know what to do, though.

That’s why I said it didn’t happen with everyone.

I agree.

So your tattoos haven’t faded with age?

When you’re younger you start getting them more regularly.

I guess that’s true.
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And now they’re really fading?

Well, they really have been for a few years.

How do you feel now about your tattoo?

It’s really not bad.


I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s terrible.

You know, if you have like, a little, a big guy you know, you know, a little guy that’s in the room, you’ve got to look at him in that way. Then the tattoo is just a piece of metal.

He can tell you when I went to go into the bathroom.

Yeah, he can really see it.

So when I got this one, and then I’d get it every other day, I had that little guy in the room. I can just tell you who’s the bad guy in the room.

My dad.

Yeah, who’s the bad guy?

The tattoo guy.

Your dad? Yeah, you’re probably the bad guy here. That’s because you’ve got a big dick.

Is that true?

Yeah, it is.

Do you know when your dad actually came back into the room?


Was he wearing a condom?

Yeah, he was. I tried to, I didn’t get his back. I just turned and kind of

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