Where do tattoos fade the most? – Does Tattoo Removal Cream Work Yahoo Answers

How do you prevent them to fade? What kind of treatments are available to help? Let’s find out.

Tattoos fade in three ways

We all have a particular kind of tattoo – the one you see on your forehead, or on your forearm.

The first and most obvious way tattoos fade is with age. It is true that the longer you have an ink tattoo you wear more. The effect of that is that it takes longer for the ink to fully dry on your skin.

It’s not the age that causes skin to fade (see above), but the colour of the ink. If you wear an ink colour that does not reflect the colour of your skin, you’ll see a slight glow to it. That’s because, while you may have a black tattoo on you, you’ll also have a brown background – and some colour in it – on your skin, which makes the tattoo appear to be a lighter shade of your skin rather than the darker shade it was before.

A different type of fade is caused by the way that pigment is washed out of the pigment in the ink. That is, as you age (and, depending on the ink you use, you may also have an excess of pigment in the ink which will have been absorbed into the skin) it absorbs into your skin from the surface of the skin, so you gradually turn your skin darker and there’s a temporary discolouration of your skin.

There are also skin pigmentation changes which allow the ink to fade more quickly. If you have an ink which allows you the most control over the pigment, you will see the color of your skin fade less quickly. This is the reason why some people can wear tattoo inks as well as other colours because it gives them a more colour-matching ink.

As your skin does age, pigment will also be washed out of your skin and the ink will lose its original pigment. As more pigment disappears as your skin ages, the ink will look darker and the process will begin to fade rapidly. Eventually, it will fade entirely in minutes.

But not all tattoos wear out. Most of them need a little bit of time to wear away, especially if you do the work all by yourself.

How to avoid tattoos to fade

Tattoos fade most quickly in the hours immediately after they leave your skin. That is, you want to wear the skin over just as much as possible before you begin applying any ink.


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