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To qualify for tattoo removal, you need to be a Canadian citizen, resident of Canada, have a permanent laser device, a completed Laser Tattoo Removal Application and be over the age of 25. Please see below the complete list of criteria and application fees for tattoo removal.

Application and Fees:

1. Please complete the online application and fill it out.

2. Provide your complete full name and residential address and telephone number

3. Provide a list of laser tattooing areas (if you want to tattoo across the chest)

4. Submit the completed application to:

Canadian Federation of Laser Tattoo and Body Piercing Certification Office

PO Box 527

Sidney, BC E3C 3P2

Apply Now!

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After receiving your application, please attach the following documentation from the body piercing authority that you live in for your application to.

1- Laser tattooing area (e.g. chest)

2- A copy of your permanent license. (I recommend at least 8)

3- An original document that proves your medical condition (a medical certificate, a letter from a physician, hospital report, etc.)

If you submit your application online, we will send your application to you within 2 business days.

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – The United Nations Human Rights Council, where Denmark, Iceland, Papua New Guinea and Togo are due to make their cases for a vote, has received complaints from residents of some Central African Republic towns and villages about the alleged killing of villagers and attacks by troops.

Children carry water from a water tank at a makeshift clinic of a medical centre at a camp to shelter displaced people, near the village of Zélé, outside the central town of Bangui July 29, 2014. REUTERS/Amit Dave

The Geneva-based Human Rights Council will meet on Wednesday to discuss complaints from the countries as part of its work to address the conflict in Central African Republic, where a mostly Muslim north-eastern region has been the site of sporadic violence and a deadly crackdown by security forces.

“What we have learned from the council, we have all learnt from the council,” said a senior Danish official who is now a council representative.

Under the rule of Francois Bozize, who took power in 2006, the Council is seen as a tool for African nations to gain a better profile on the world stage, and has been instrumental in

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