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Your laser tattoo removal needs to meet the following requirements. You must receive training to ensure you are doing it right. If you use a machine you need to get trained for it. It is always recommended that you get a doctor’s certificate to ensure the removal procedure is safe and effective.

Laser tattoo removal can be done under general anaesthesia and on many specialised machines. You need a skilled laser technician to complete your treatment, but even if you use your own machine, you should not need an anaesthetic.

You must be in good health and can walk within 30 minutes after a treatment.

What’s required for laser tattoo removal?

You need to have a good general anaesthetic with mild sedation. Do not give your eyes a rest.

You must receive the following materials for your treatment before the treatment starts:

Laser tattoo removal equipment

Laser ink

Laser removal material such as lubricant and cleaner

A second doctor who has approved your treatment

Where can I find training for laser tattoo removal?

There are many online resources which can take you anywhere on the Laser Technology Training website.

What should I expect during laser tattoo removal?

You should be checked at least 15 minutes before the treatment starts so you are comfortable with seeing a doctor. This allows the laser tattoo removal machine to remove the tattoo without harming you – and also makes the procedure more comfortable for you. You should be able to hold the tattoo in your teeth for at least 30 seconds.

If you have to do all the treatment in one session, you can have a doctor or qualified technician do the removal, or one who is trained to do laser tattoo removal.

What happens during laser tattoo removal?

Once you have removed the tattoo, your scar may look dark. This indicates it is getting bigger. Let your doctor know if any swelling or redness develops on the tattoo before laser tattoo removal and the scars will clear up.

Before the laser treatment, you will need to lie down for at least 30 minutes to ensure that you are comfortable and still able to talk about your experience.

You can still have a follow-up appointment up to 90 days before your next appointment.

Your eyes will be checked every hour during the 24 hours before the treatment.

During the treatment, there will be an adjustment so your scar is a little shorter.

The laser tattoo removal will cause your scar to heal over time

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