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This is always a difficult and often a painful question that affects many people. To truly understand the questions a tattoo removal company must try to answer they must look at the circumstances of the case first. If the case is a simple one where you have a tattoo that has never been removed that can be removed instantly you can assume they cannot remove it as that won’t be in your best interests. If the case takes more time and you need to remove an existing tattoo you might want to get some medical advice or see a specialist tattoo removal consultant. They can make sure there is no complications. The best they can hope for is removal of the needle. If the case is complicated this could take some time. Even if the tattoo removal company was able to remove it they may be forced to remove anything else the skin could hold, or to re-apply the same kind of tattoo. If they have to re-apply the same kind of tattoo then you might want to consider the alternative: to get another tattoo or have one of your own made. This may be able to be done in the time that your tattoo has been removed.

The idea that science might help us live happily ever after is a fascinating one. It’s just that the truth is that most of us are pretty damn stuck at this point, and that science’s only really got one great tool at its disposal: the internet.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brian Dunning of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.


He’s an experienced, very humble, and intelligent scientist, and this talk of his is well worth a listen. Brian tells me about some fascinating things going on over there on the Moon right now: A tiny sample of the moon rock is being sent back to earth on a mission which has been called Project Halohki. And the latest of the three satellites from the European Space Agency, called OSIRIS-REx, is about halfway through its mission.

Brian also has some more personal stories about what it’s like to be there. He’s one of about 200 scientists that get to spend four weeks up on the lunar surface and experience the unique natural beauty of that world.

All the best science stories are at io9.com/science.

This week in the world of American politics, Trump is poised to be inaugurated as the 45th president.

He’s a Republican whose victory will likely cause Republicans to lose seats in the Senate, the presidency, and the Supreme Court. He

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