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The total cost of getting the ink removed is in a range of $100 to more than $1500. It can be done at your surgery to reduce your cost.

What is a small tattoo removal?

A small tattoo removal is a surgery that is very fast and straightforward. The main purpose is to remove the most sensitive area on your body. The procedure involves the use of a tattoo removal tube and two tools: a razor blade and a surgical knife. The procedure involves the most minimal damage to the skin and is often done in 15 minutes. This is called a “self-inject”. It is also known by the abbreviation SLOP.

Treatment involves a range of different treatments, depending on what kind of image you have. It depends on your area and how much it resembles a scar. A surgeon typically removes a tattoo from the lower part or upper part of the body and leaves the rest intact. If you have a more complex tattoo, it is recommended that you have it removed in the lab or at a specialist lab.

What are the risks?

There is a small risk or danger associated with the procedure that may be unavoidable due to the nature of the work being done, and the nature of the skin you are wearing at the time. This is known as a minuscule risk. The overall risk is very low. If you have been warned, you should continue to exercise precautions so you can avoid the problem.

What happens next?

The surgery is generally over in the hospital, but you may be asked to stay overnight until the ink is removed. You may be asked to change into clean clothing to prevent infection. This can take 10 days to arrive at your surgery. As the blood clots are removed, the blood may return to the area and possibly clumping. You will be asked for another blood test to check that the blood level hasn’t returned.

You will be asked to lie in bed and wear comfortable clothes overnight to reduce the possibility of infections. You may need to return to your dressing room for several days, unless the bleeding has stopped completely. If bleeding continues after a few days, you may need more time in hospital.

After the surgery, it can take weeks, months or longer until your blood pressure is normal again, and the pain is gone. If you have had a small tattoo, you may be left with a scar.

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What if the tattoo is removed too soon?

After removing the tattoos, the

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