How long after tattoo removal do you see results? – Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal Second Treatment Of Permethrin 10%

The sooner the better, but we will not wait for the first symptoms. After a few weeks the skin will regenerate the old collagen and scar tissue. Once these conditions have healed the old skin will heal completely. The more that your tattoo is left, the more the damage will occur from the long healing time. The scar will also start to heal naturally. After only a couple of weeks the scar will return to normal.

Can I get multiple tattoos if I have a scar running from my ear to my hip?

That depends. Some people with a very specific type of scar will not be able to get a tattoo at all. If you have a very long scar or a deep cut on your ear, you might be able. If you have been cut and you do not have any scar, you cannot. The scar should be completely gone by now.

Can I get a tattoo inside my ear, under my eyebrow, on my face, underneath my eyebrows, on the back of my head or in my hands?

Yes, and you can get it right in the ear, but it may show a scar that is not very deep or symmetrical.

Can I get my face or chest tattooed on another part of each body?

Yes, except that it must be done for the head or both body parts. You will need to be a licensed tattoo artist. The rest is up to you.

Can I get a tattoo in my neck region only?

Not if you want to get it all the way to the very top of your head.

I have had a scar that completely ran from one ear to the other. Can I have a tattoo right where it happened? Do I have to leave it there?

If you are having this kind of scar, you can have it right where it occurred. The tattoo is there to provide new collagen and scar tissue. You will still lose some of the old skin because of the scarring and the new skin will be less obvious. You might not even notice it any more.

Can I see an ultrasound/MRI done on me to see how long it has been doing that to me?

Only if you request it. We will be very honest about the type of scar and how long it has been doing that. It will help us see how important it is for your body to heal and heal fast.

Can I have a tattoo done on my arm only and only on certain parts of my

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