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The effectiveness of tattoo removal depends on the location of the tattoo. It may take a month or more to see results from the tattoo removal.

If the area will remain red, your removal probably won’t be successful.

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Your doctor will recommend the best treatment for you based on your own individual circumstances.

Contact our tattoo removal specialists with questions about what to expect and how the treatment goes.

On Sunday evening, a report appeared in the Wall Street Journal that two former Democratic National Committee staffers had used computers stolen from the DNC to access and steal documents, which they later shared with WikiLeaks. That prompted WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to allege that the DNC had colluded to influence the election via Russian government interference. As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange noted in Sunday’s interview, the DNC was “the one that broke the rules in terms of the rules that were put in place to protect the national election.”

The Washington Post published an explosive report on Wednesday night, where DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall told Congress that the DNC had been hacked by a Russian front company that may have been financed by Vladimir Putin. As the report states, a spokesperson for President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and U.S. Special Assistant to the President, Jake Sullivan all responded to the report by saying that none of the hacking by Russia was actually connected to the election.

What exactly is the significance of this report? One of the most important questions is: When a major news agency is investigating possible links between foreign government hacking and an American election, will they also investigate whether or not the DNC was hacked? That is, were the DNC hack-ups a result of Russia meddling in the election, or the result of a different Russian group, one that was neither the Kremlin nor the DNC?

While no one has ever definitively shown that Russian meddling happened, there are plenty of indications that Russia hacked the DNC. The Wall Street Journal reported that an internal DNC report “showed an employee’s credit card detail was stolen from an office computer in late 2015 and used to hack into the DNC,” making Russia the prime suspect. On Thursday, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported that a report from the CIA’s inspector general, issued last month, indicated that Russia was guilty of cyber activity. This new report contradicts those findings.

So the question is: Will the Obama administration go on the record as an official denying Russian involvement in the DNC hacks, and whether or not such activities influenced the election

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