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A tattoo consists of two parts: a surface, and a substrate on which it’s located. A laser can either focus to a particular point (called a laser beam) or to many points (called a beam). Laser technology can focus to individual points. Laser beams can travel along many wavelengths (ranging from visible to far infrared), and are thus much more accurate in measuring how a tattoo is constructed.

A laser can be used to remove all layers of a tattoo. Laser-based tattoo removal is relatively easy, but requires specialized equipment: the tattoo is typically fixed using a special adhesive such as a glue or a thick layer of epoxy. It would be too much effort and time to remove a tattoo with a traditional tattoo removal treatment (such as a cold compress or a

How is laser tattoo removal generally performed?

Laser removal of tattoos is commonly undertaken in three stages: (1) removing the part of the material from which the tattoo is tattooed (2) repairing the damaged part of the tattoo or (3) removing the tattoo from itself.

How do you know when laser-based tattoo removal is complete?

Your dentist may decide that removal of your tattoo is complete when you are able to remove the entire tattoo in only two attempts without pain. Because laser removal cannot be performed within a few hours, you may be allowed to have your tattoo removed the following day.

Laser tattoo removal may be difficult to use on the same part of the body twice. Laser removal with multiple sessions is especially effective (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Laser tattoo in two steps.

How often will my tattoo be removed by laser?

When your physician determines that you need laser tattoo removal, you will be asked whether you would like to undergo two treatments or one treatment. You may also want to request that your tattoo be removed when you can tolerate treatment without pain. Your individual circumstances will dictate whether laser tattoo removal will be necessary.

The most popular treatments for laser tattoo removal are:

Surgical laser

In this treatment, a laser is used to penetrate deep into a tattoo, while a tiny device known as a sublingual or sublingual spray is used to provide anesthetic to help your area relax.

Surgical laser is effective but may be difficult to use once again, if it leaves deep scars. A laser may be helpful for some people, such as adults with large scars where there is no treatment alternative.

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