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The use of the high pressure steam is important in speeding up the removal of heavy tattoos. The steam is cooled during the laser use and then the tattoo is removed from the skin. This method allows faster removal that other ways used.

With the NBA season officially underway, there is no doubt that teams have been watching it.

There’s plenty of data on teams and players in an attempt to track trends in NBA basketball, but it’s hard to take it all in and find a pattern. There’s no doubt that the league has become more and more athletic over the past two decades, but are there a few glaring issues that are causing it?

One issue that came up in my research on the sport that is very noticeable is the growth in injuries. There are certainly concerns about how many NBA players are coming around every season. But it’s certainly easy to see that the league has grown into having a lot of injured guys, particularly at the center position. One of the things you’re most likely to see when analyzing injury rates is a trend toward the more significant injuries coming from center.

For example, here’s a graph of the percent of centers who sustained an injury between seasons.

The graph indicates an increasing trend in injuries, but it’s important to keep in mind that these are all only one year’s worth of data. The percentages are for all centers who have played at least 100 minutes. But since the data is from a single season, they paint a fairly accurate picture.

Let’s take a look at the five-year average of center injuries by season.

In 2011–12, for example, there were 24 injuries of any sort, according to data from Of those, 18 of them were to centers. In both 2010 and 2009, centers saw an average of only 2.9 injuries per season. In 2010, it was 3.2, and in 2009, it was only 1.7.

For a comparison, take a look at the amount of total game time per week NBA centers have played for at least a month. (As always, it should be noted that data is from 2011–12, and not necessarily indicative of the current season.)

When we compare the numbers, we see that there were nearly twice as many minutes played in the 2010–2011 season for centers (1,898) than there were for point guards (985).

The injury numbers for the 2009–2010 season are even more striking

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