How do you remove kids tattoos at home? – Does Walmart Sell Tattoo Removal Cream

This can be done at home, or with a friend. One trick you might try is to first wash your hands with warm soapy water to get all the ink out, and then rub some mild soap on the tip of the little finger, and then wash the tattoo from underneath.

Once that’s done, carefully pull your tattoo away from the skin with one hand. Hold it by the thread inside the ring on top of the finger. When you get to the tip of the little finger, gently pull it out from the ring, using your other hand to keep it from slipping away. You may have to use your thumb to push back some of the thread as you do this. Pull on your tattoo again, and keep it pulled apart from the skin, until you’ve removed it.

Where do I get safe tats

There are certain places where tats are acceptable if you are older than 16…but if it’s on the outside of your body (like inside your clothing, under your clothes, in your hair, under your armpit, etc) tats may never be allowed.

One popular tat store is Huggies, where tats for kids under 7 or girls over 13 are available in various sizes and colors for your child. You can also buy tats directly from the makers of tats with other kids tattooed over there (if their TAT is not already available).

Also check out other kids’ tats.

What is a safe tat?

Here I am showing you the safe tats you should know about. It’s the safest way to clean and tattoo the little kid in your life.

SteriPEN and Zest

I mentioned they’re good tats, so if you want them (and don’t want a dangerous tattoo on your skin), you may use either SteriPen or the other brand of Zest, which you can use in your home, for up to 5 years after a tat is removed.

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Zest is made from 100% medical-grade silicone, designed to help keep tats from being transferred to the skin with a tattoo, even after the last drop is removed. If you have the Zest Gel on hand (preferably the non-stick variety), just dab a small amount of gel onto your little finger and gently rub into the skin while holding the tattoo open. It’ll stick right away.



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