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Tattoo removal is a multi-step process and involves removal of the skin cells (the tattoo pigment), the ink (dehydration) and the rest of the tissue surrounding the tattoo site. It will take approximately 60 to 100 minutes to do the tattoo removal, depending on the size of the tattoo, time and equipment needed, and type of tattoo.

If your tattoo has an area of dark or yellow coloring or an opaque coating that covers or shields the tattoo from the light (such as a butterfly tattoo or an opaque sleeve tattoo), you may want to take a second look for a more permanent solution by applying special sunscreen (such as Sunblock SPF 15 or Sunscreen SPF 30). This approach ensures that the tattoo is safe from the sun and gives the skin time to heal, which will allow you to keep a tattoo that much healthier for longer.

What causes tattoos to become thicker and stronger?

As the skin cells absorb the ink, the pigment, or ink, becomes thicker and stronger (this increase in thickness is called “thickening”). Over time this tattoo pigment develops a permanent, permanent coloration.

There are five main reasons why tattoos develop thicker than they should be:

1. Skin tissue grows in a steady but gradual manner.

2. Thicker skin means there are thicker layers of tissue (more cells and more cells that carry the pigment).

3. Over time, the cells have taken up more and more red blood cells, which carries more pigment (this will make the tattoo pigment get stronger).

4. The tattoo surface is rougher than the underlying skin. This means that more ink, or pigment, is absorbed into the skin.

5. Skin cells become more resilient.

Over time, the thicker the tattoo pigment, the more time it takes for it to absorb and become thicker. The skin cells that do NOT absorb all the tattoo pigment will eventually die, making the tattoo thinner and less durable.

How is the process different than when tattooed?

When tattooed, the tattoo is removed by the technician and is then covered with a white layer of skin cream, while the tattoo is still there.

When your skin is tattooed, the surgeon will use many different tools to remove it, including lasers that penetrate the body and cause temporary disruption to the skin. The tattoo is then covered with absorbent cream.
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Will I feel pain when I remove the tattoo?

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