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The scars fade quickly. The tattoos are usually gone in a matter of hours, without scarlet fever. You can also enjoy fresh, smooth skin and a healthy appetite, depending on your diet: the body cleanses itself while tattooed, so you are better off eating healthy and staying well.

What about the scars?

Skin and scars often heal more quickly than tattoos. When your skin heals, it creates a barrier to keep harmful chemicals from entering skin cells. This is the reason that tattooed skin can be more prone to infection, even if it is done well.

Is there anything else to know before getting tattooed?

Before getting your first tattoo, it is best to decide your size and plan your first appointment:


Many women and men have different expectations when it comes to tattoos and are afraid of them taking away one of their senses.

Size is the biggest difference in a tattoo size: big ones are usually much bigger, usually due to the amount of ink on the tattoo and the need for the body to be much bigger in order to absorb it all.

Small to medium size tattoos usually look bigger on the rest of your body.
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In addition, there are many other things that determine the size: shape, tone, and color, which can differ for men and women.

To help determine the best size for you, we invite you to compare the following:



Tattoo color

Tattoo texture

How to get a better tattoo size

If you have never got a tattoo, we recommend that you have a general idea of the size and style that you wish to have. You can also take a photo and put it on an online website of a place where you can compare your results to other people that have had that same tattoo.

In general terms, when you take someone else’s photo with the tattoo removed, they will usually have a different tattoo in their photo than they will. This is because their tattoos are different. If you can’t make out the tattoo color and shape, you can often tell the tattoo size by taking an online photo and putting that photo up with others.

Here are some tattoo size-based websites:

The online image comparison tool lets you look up photos of friends and compare measurements:

A word on scars

It is very important to note that scars should be treated by the doctor. Scar removal can easily

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