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“The main reason for tattoo removal scar is because the scar doesn’t just cover the old tattoo but covers the existing scar, which usually ends up being much bigger than the original. With scarring, there is a scar at the back of the tattoo where the tattoo started and the scar ends up at the back of the tattoo at the same spot the tattoo started. A scar is really only a temporary cover-up. You can easily get a new tattoo that won’t have a scar and still look good.”

What happens if I take ink off my arm and go to the doctors to discuss my scars?

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“I hope you have had surgery in the past which has fixed the scar because when you take the ink off you should always get the stitches or stitches that are made in the scar and always cover the existing scar with a piece of fabric.”

My scar is really painful to the touch!

“If you really want to get rid of the scar you can always wear the T-shirt you’ve got on. You can even find t-shirts that you can wear under the t-shirt to hide the scar and that will help too. As long as it’s not showing as much underneath the t-shirt as it is on the surface, you’ll have no trouble making it disappear.”

Does tattoo removal scar?

“With tattoo removal scar you can remove or reduce it with skin grafts. The scar is a cover-up and not really a real scar. Your body can heal on its own and there is no need to have it removed. It is just temporary and can be changed.”

What if I still have scar after removal?

“It’s very common for the scar to remain because the skin is not healing properly.”

The scar on this picture is on my neck! How do I remove it?

“You can use a thin cloth to wipe off the old scar, which leaves the new scar.”

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