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What is the difference between a tattoo artist and a doctor?

And is it possible to get permanent permanent ink removal?

“There isn’t any difference and if it works, they’ll be happy to do it. You just need it done and it works.”

Tattoos on the hand – whether a mole, a mole, a tattoo or not – can be permanently removed with the right treatment, but you need to keep in mind that you might need to make sure that you are ready to undergo the procedure and have all the necessary medical and safety documents in place.

There have been a number of cases in which someone in their 30s have had to have some of their skin removed (called body modifications) after experiencing breast cancer.

It is also recommended that patients are up to date on all their vaccinations, particularly those for rabies.

Tattoos that are too large to be fitted by a dermatologist should be evaluated and the size of the ink removed by a non-specialist dermatologist.

Although there has not yet been any evidence that they provide any greater protection than having them removed by trained professional personnel, there have been a few reports that people have lost their jobs over not getting such treatments.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption People are not always the best informed about the risks

The vast majority of tattoos in the UK are done by artists.

They can get quite large, so they are important to go back to the specialist to be sure they’re not damaging the skin or causing any health problems.

They can only be removed by specially trained professionals.

There is one type of treatment which might be recommended though for a small number of people – laser treatment.

These are considered safe and not very expensive, so are an attractive option.

The treatment involves the laser cutting out a single pixel of the tattoo.

But lasers do not cut or create visible lines – only visible holes.

This causes a lot of concern and some people think laser therapy might provide greater protection than having permanent ink removed.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Laser treatment can be used to help with the appearance of fine lines in the skin

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But this is not proven.

This is because the laser treatment often destroys the natural scarring effect the ink creates.

And it also increases the risk of infection if an infection was responsible for creating the scarring.

In fact, some people have reported

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