Does lemon juice remove tattoos? – Tattoo Darker After Laser

Well, that’s a good question … the answer is probably neither. But if you can find a lemon-juice-in-a-jar recipe somewhere for this, it seems to work best.

If it makes your skin look good (especially if you have darker skin tone than I do) you might want to try it.

I also like to use this recipe for skin-care products!

I really like the lemon juice because it cleanses all the residue from your skin and cleanses my hair too.

If you think it is time to start saving your money (because it doesn’t do much for your skin) for this, I can also recommend this one by Paula Deen. The ingredients are quite similar, and works the same way.

One thing worth mentioning: It is a bit expensive so you might want to try it if you don’t have money.

What about making a DIY solution for it? I have written an article about it on my blog which you can read here, and also have a YouTube video here – it can’t get any simpler :o).

The last few weeks (yes a few) have been very much about the “firing of” the NFL Players Association and the NFL. I have not seen anything about this, but I have been involved in a few cases where a player has filed a grievance regarding what he believes is an unjust suspension. The grievance was filed by a player not just in the NFL but around the league.

I had originally filed a complaint with the Commissioner who was the agent for the “player” who complained to me. At the time, the grievance was the last one they were making. After I filed I had to go and meet with Commissioner Goodell, and in my view, he got mad at the request I wanted him to take action.

I told him what I was doing, and he said that he was going to look into a complaint. My suggestion was that he do an investigation on the player to find out if it was true or not. He did not agree to the policy and decided not to do that.

This is another case that is not just about the NFL being unjustly suspended. It is a case where the League has a policy that says the Commissioner has no authority to investigate complaints that a player files about Commissioner Goodell.

As you read these words, one that I am certain will not change the policies or practices of the league, remember two things:

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