Do you have to be licensed to do tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Video

If your tattoo removal procedure meets the definition of “Tattoo Removal Services”, all the requirements of the laws that apply to any other type of tattoo removal services are met. This includes:

a tattoo removal surgeon having a license or registration to practice in Rhode Island

a “tattoo removal service” having a permit to practice in Rhode Island

a physician or surgeon or nurse practitioner having a license or registration to practice in Rhode Island
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a “medical doctor” having a license or registration to practice in Rhode Island

I have had multiple tattoos removed. How do I know that one isn’t the same as another?

Tattoos can be treated and re-treated. If you have had a tattoo removed a number of times, be sure to ask about the treatment and treatment history. For example, the tattoo is likely to go through a process called “transplantation”, in which a layer or layer of tissue is removed and replaced with a new piece. The process can take a long time and many patients experience painful sores.

How long did your tattoo get after your original treatment?

Tattoos can be healing for weeks to months after their removal. Often, a tattoo will still be visible for a day to 10 days after the procedure. This is normal. This is because the healing body absorbs the pigment, but does not remove it. As the tattoo heals, the skin will reden and may begin to resemble a tattoo when removed again.

Please note that I had a tattoo at my last appointment. This was long after the original treatment. How long should I wait in the waiting room before I have the procedure done?

You should have your tattoo removed long before you go to your health care provider. The doctor/surgeon cannot get it done quickly because it is usually a lengthy procedure. The procedure must be done completely and completely free of pain and injury.

Can tattoos be removed while I am awake?

Tattoos can be removed while you are awake. This is the safe way to have one removed. You will still feel the tattoo after removal. You may still get an unpleasant burning sensation while the tattoo is being removed.

If my tattoo gets infected or damaged during an unapproved tattoo removal procedure, will the doctor/surgeon have to take any action?

Yes. You will have been asked by your primary care provider to sign a separate statement (that says how the infection was treated, if necessary),

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