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Do I have to have some kind of ID to be a tattoo artist?

You do not have to have any kind of ID to do tattoo removal.

Can I do the tattoo without the approval of my parents?

No. If someone asks you to be tattooed, you don’t have to see them or give them your permission.

Who can I tattoo on the body without the consent of my parents?

Tattoos can only be done by your parents. You don’t have to give permission to tattoo someone other than your parents.

Who can I tattoo in a group?

Tattoos can only be done in a group. Your parents can’t approve the tattoo.

What if someone doesn’t like the tattoo?

You can send in an application explaining why you think the person is making a mistake. You cannot reject the tattoo. The person who approved the tattoo will write a letter saying that they approved it. You can get a letter from the tattoo artist apologizing to you for not seeing the tattoo artist’s letter. This letter must be signed by tattoo artist and addressed to “Tattoo Artist” or “Photogration Artist.” Be sure to use all proper addresses. You can mail this letter to:

Tattoo Artist

P.O. Box 82900

San Pablo, CA 94608

Please provide the information I have listed in the question:

What do I put on my tattoo?

You could do anything you’d like, but what works for your family may not work for your clients. The most important factor in determining what is OK for your client is what you want for yourself. This is generally a question of personal taste.
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What can I include on my tattoo?

You may put on one or more of the following items.

• Your name, address, phone number, a letter or picture, and your social security number, if someone calls you

• Your phone number, your Facebook or MySpace page, and your photos

• Your full home address, phone number, e-mail address, and, to a limited number of clients, your credit card number

• Your bank account number and your PayPal account number

• Your home address or name, your business address, your name, e-mail address, and, to a limited number of clients, your social security number, if someone calls you

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