Do tattoo removal creams really work? – Laser Tattoo Removal Indianapolis

The answer is yes, but we’d like to be able to give you all the evidence. Let’s get started.

There is some science about the best form of tattoo removal you can do and when. Our experts have gone through all the studies about how well tattoo removal creams work and they’ve found out:

It’s not just about using the product once (as you can see in our videos) . It takes a long time to see any benefits, but even then it can be very effective

The amount of pressure necessary to remove or stain the tattoo is different from how fast you think you need to remove it

So your tattoo removal product should work for you, you might even notice a faster, smoother, smoother result…

What kinds of tattoo removal creams do work?

Most tattoo removal creams you find out about are designed for very thin skin. They work great at removing small lines where there are no deep scars. However, they don’t work great at removing tattoos that have deeper scars on the skin.

For example, we tested tattoo removal creams that could remove an entire tattoo from a tattoo that was more than 3 inches deep (see our blog post on tattoos on the brain for more details) on someone who has a full face of scars and has been tattooed on both arms to start his career in the NBA.

Some of these products did not work that well at all. They would remove just a few patches with very little pressure and in some cases, they would actually stain the tattoo.

How do I decide on whether it is time to get rid of my tattoo or not?

Yikes! ...
There is no right or wrong when it comes to tattoo removal creams. It’s about choosing the right product for you.

There are two basic kinds of tattoo removal creams:

Antibacterial creams can kill bacteria and staph that make up the tattoo. However, this method can result in a lot of skin inflammation.

can kill bacteria and staph that make up the tattoo. However, this method can result in a lot of skin inflammation. Sterile creams are designed to be non-surgical, which means that they are the closest to what a tattoo removal method like this would be. These creams will sterilize in the bathtub because they have a special chemical cocktail that prevents bacteria growth (it’s similar to the way a bleach sterilizes). It’s important to wash your hands with soap

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