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How long will it take?

It varies. Most of the time it takes a few hours…but you may find it takes some time to receive everything.

How long is it before I get a tattoo?

There are generally two stages in getting a tattoo. The first stage is an “anesthetic tattoo.” This is when you are numbed with a little cream or hot pink water before being tattooed. This may take a little longer, but I’ve had some of the best tattoos that I’ve seen through this method which lasts for a few days, though not always. The second stage is a “pain killer tattoo.” This is where you apply a cream or hot pink liquid to the tattoo and rub it in. This is not really an anaesthetic process, which means that most people get the ink on the skin in much the same way that you would with a regular tattoo. But it may be painful for you until you are done, and you may want to try an alternative method if all else fails.

Do I have to get more than one tattoo?

No. In some cases, a single tattoo can be used to cover a lot of places, like the back of a hand, and/or a single tattoo can cover more than one area. You could then get even more tattoos.

How do I know I’m getting the right colour?

You should get a tattoo that matches the colour of your skin. It’s a fairly common misconception that some colours are blue or green, while others are red. There is however a lot of difference in colour between different kinds of skin. Blue skin (which doesn’t usually look particularly healthy) can have a lot of blue spots and wrinkles, whereas green skin can actually be more greenish in colour.

I’ve heard that a lot of tattoos are bad for my skin…

Not necessarily. Your skin is your skin, and your skin is the most important part of your body that no one can stop. However, if you are concerned that your skin might be inflamed from too much ink, then you should seek medical advice. There are a lot of alternative options that are just as good as the standard methods if you are worried about your skin. If you are going to get a tattoo then it’s always best to start as soon as possible to reduce any problems down the road.

Do you recommend any alternative methods for getting tattoos?

Yes. I usually get an appointment

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