Can some tattoos not be removed? – Tattoo Removal Near Me Arlington Massachusetts

Yes. It is possible for tattoos to not be removed, although there are some tattoos (particularly female) that require immediate removal (such as the belly button above the breast).

How do you remove a tattoo?

To remove a tattoo, a specialist surgeon will perform the removal of the offending surface layers (dots, wrinkles, and raised lines) using specialized equipment. This procedure takes approximately six hours. The following procedure can be used to remove tattoos:

A professional artist will draw an ink line into the tattoo with a pen on the area of the tattoo. This may take several attempts. The line will need to be made slightly longer than one millimeter in order to avoid breaking it and causing the tattoo to fall out. Tattoo removal can sometimes cause some damage to the surrounding skin.

Two small needles will be inserted from the outside of the skin and pressed into the tattoo. It is helpful to use small cotton balls as cotton should be removed easily without harming the surrounding skin and body. After this, the needle will be removed, leaving a small mark from the tip to the tip of the needle. This step can also temporarily reduce the size of the tattoo.

A surgical glue stick will first be used to remove the tattoo. The stick should be used liberally. The stick should also be coated with alcohol, as alcohol will not destroy the tattoo. As the tattoo slowly disintegrates, the stick will break down and fall away.

Tests have shown that 90-95% of the tattoos that can be removed using this procedure will not go back into permanent form. These have been removed by a professional tattoo artist within the last 10, 20 times. This means that most tattoo removal will be performed within the next 3 years.

What types of tattoos can NOT be removed?

To remove a tattoo, a specialist surgeon will be required and usually requires an initial consultation with you before the removal of the tattoo.

The most commonly removed tattoos are:


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The upper arms

Tattoos placed in the upper arms will be removed following consultation with your doctor.

If a tattoo is removed via surgery you will likely not be able to have any permanent tattoo for at least 3 years. You will be offered a few treatment options and it is always good to learn about any available treatment options before deciding to participate.

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