Are old tattoos harder to remove? – Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful

In some cases, tattoos can be removed with a tattoo removal treatment and the artist will leave the tattoo in place.

In most cases, as long as the tattoo is fresh and well-preserved, it can be removed with a tattoo remover. The removal process might take longer, especially for more complicated art forms, but when done correctly, tattoos can go away in just a couple of weeks.

There are several tattoo remover brands and treatments available. Some of the more popular brands include:

Glamour ProVelvet

Tattoo Removal Tattoo Remover (Terrasound)



There are many more brands available in the tattoo removal field that are not covered here. Also, be sure to check with the tattoo artist in your area to see if he or she uses these types of removers and products.

Is there an alternative to removal or am I stuck with it?

The alternative to remover is to wait and see how your tattoo is doing. However, if it is bothering you and it is taking much longer to remove or it seems to be deteriorating, the person who put it on shouldn’t cover it. If it’s a very old, poorly preserved tattoo that will affect the appearance of the rest of your body for a while, it may be better to have it removed immediately in order to keep its value for you.

You should always check with your doctor before making any medical or health decisions about your appearance.

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