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Because the military has a tattoo policy. It requires all tattooed members go through some kind of military-specific tattooing training. That training is supposed to be mandatory, in that it must be taught by professional tattoo artists. But the policy is not as strict as it should be.
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One thing that the military has been doing recently that you don’t see too often is allowing women to get tattoos, just as many men. The reason for this is because women aren’t allowed to do the same kind of physical work that men have done throughout American history. Women, it seems, are just a hindrance when it comes to getting the job done.

One tattoo studio in New York, where I went, has an entire room dedicated to tattoos for women. It’s called Ink. And women there can get tattoos that their boyfriend or husband wouldn’t dare dream of. All of the artists have tattoo training and the women also get the opportunity to be involved in the process as well. As a result, women can be tattooed, which is something that’s been difficult for women to do up with the tattoo culture.

Another place I visited was at the Air Force Academy and my guide talked about the many female instructors at the academy who were going to get tattoos.

When asked why so many women went through the training they said it was because there is a huge amount of pressure, especially in the military, to get the job done and to look good. For many women that means looking like tattoos, and it’s not very glamorous work, but to some women it’s their dream job.

In addition to these tattoo studios there are also tattoo artists working at the tattoo museums. There are two in New York and one in Los Angeles. All of those tattoos in this country are on American women, including those that are for women, and not for men, which is very bizarre, and completely inappropriate.

One of the things that happens on the tattoos you see is that the artist tries to portray the subject as being very cool. Then the subject will be super cool, but they’ll turn out so much cooler than the actual design of the tattoo. So you will have this super cool guy with amazing art, and then you’ll have this super nerdy chick, who’s only allowed to have a tattoo in which she doesn’t look awesome, that they’re all super excited about. That is so ridiculous.

What would you do to prevent women’s body image issues from happening and from being a problem

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