Who invented tattoos? – Old Wooden Cross Tattoo Designs 3D

There actually is no singular inventor of tattoos. Most are the result of numerous innovations and theories and concepts that came from different times and places, especially the “sick mind” – it has been going on since ancient times. There is some evidence that the earliest writings are actually from ancient Egyptians; there are also reports that tattooing was already being done by ancient Egyptians (or more likely Egyptians brought the idea to the Greeks), but not much more. In the 19th century people saw tattoos as a way to keep the pain of childbirth, the pain of war, or as a means to protect against the ravages of the times. Many people with these ideas still do have tattoos today.

What do I need to do on my tattoos?

When you begin to tattoo, your skin has to be healed, as well as you. You should never do any sort of surgery to remove stitches or scars from your tattoos.

You should always wear surgical gloves to protect your skin from the tattoo ink.

You should always use a good, firm tattoo gun and a sharp, clean, sterile needle. Some tattoos are particularly difficult to remove, or scarring from prior tattooing can be an issue.

Do not use the tattoo gun as a scalpel (it can cut through your skin in a matter of seconds!)

When you’re done, you only need to wash your hands and clean up afterwards.

What are tattoo designs for this site?

Tattoo designs can represent your individual identity, your history, your aspirations, and a range of other things as well. The types and styles of tattoos that you’ll find here will be based on the subject matter you choose to tattoo. The more specific the tattoo, the more detailed the design and more of the details that you can put your own touch on.

As in any creative process, there is no right answer but to give it a go.

If you do have specific questions or advice for anyone who is interested, feel free to contact us through our contact page.

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