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There is a great deal of controversy about the origins of tattoos, but it is generally assumed to have been invented by the Anglo-Saxons around 800 AD, who were known to have practised both tattooing and tattooing as an art or fashion.

But it was not until the end of the 11th Century that tattooing became fashionable, in a culture which did not know much about tattoos, and which probably could not draw on them as a form of self-expression.

The first written records of tattoos are from 1210, when it is stated that “the Duke of Gloucester tattooed the feet of the Count d’Orleans by the feet of his brother”.

That year, in Britain itself, the English royal family’s servants and ladies used a tattoo in commemoration of the death of Henry VIII to celebrate his marriage to Anne Boleyn.

It was only in the 18th Century that tattoos began to take off after a resurgence of interest in European folk art in the British Isles.

There is disagreement about what exactly was first tattooed – but most experts agree that it was the tattooed lips which gave rise to the practice.

The first recorded practice was in Denmark in the 13th Century. It is believed that the Swedish-Dutch artist Jan van Mechelen, who had been inspired by Greek tattoos, started to use them on people as a fashion.

Why do some people have tattoos?
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Tattoos can be a form of self-expression, whether they are part of a love story, a celebration of a loved one, or even just a way of expressing one’s identity.

Some people choose them out of love, while others feel a personal obligation to mark their boundaries, and may choose it simply as a part of the process of finding what they call “one’s true self”.

But the idea, which can be traced back at least as far as pre-history, that tattoos are a physical representation of one’s deepest “self”, is an interesting and important one.

Some people just have certain emotions tattooed on or on to them and there is no sign to indicate what it is about.

But other people, such as transgender people, and people suffering from depression or mental health problems, may choose this marker as a way of expressing their true feelings.

But what do people do? Are they getting tattooed just for

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