Who invented tattoos? – Dragon Tattoo Designs For Men Arms Up

(If you said “Piss Off, Johnny,” you probably had other answers)

Haha, that was me! It was you who originally decided people should be banned from wearing tattoos, so of course I’m going to answer it. But the answer is definitely “You!”, no matter who said it!

The tattoo ban has become more of a political statement than anything else. You’re basically telling me that it’s so cool for someone to wear a huge tattoo on his forearm, that it’s okay for someone to steal a tattoo off of him. You’re telling me a whole bunch of people are not good enough to live, you know?

If you were a writer, what tattoo words would you want to end up calling on?

Wearing a shirt while you walk is definitely not going to get me called upon. And since I can’t really write a very long story right now, I’ll leave it to you to choose your favorite story!

Is it ever a good feeling to have someone tattoo you? I know it feels weird to get a tattoo that everyone in your family thinks of as a “bad idea”. How do you feel about that? (I know for me it feels kind of good. In the end… it doesn’t work.)

I absolutely love it! I am still trying to grasp how I feel about the tattoo people on my body, because honestly, I’m not sure if I have any ink left. I feel like I’m still bleeding to death from my wounds in some parts. Still, this is my last resort — I can’t change my mind once I see how I feel. I would hope the only thing it does to someone’s body is make them regret getting their heart out.

What tattoo design have you used? That’s crazy, but I would like to know all you guys are going to tattoo. (Please tell me all you tattoos.)

My husband and I chose our first tattoo designer very early on. He is awesome — he’s very personable, knows tattoos, and knows the best places to get the best ink. He is the only person in the United States to have his work tattooed by a Mexican. It’s always a good time!

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Do you plan on ever becoming a permanent tattoo artist?

I’d love to work full time somewhere. I like how the work I do now is pretty much a one off every single day (because that is how I live now, haha). It’s

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