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The Apostle Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthian church states, “We ought to guard against false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. And they will not hesitate to destroy you.” (1 Corinthians 7:1a,1c,10) The Bible clearly indicates that the only way to get out of a marriage is divorce. Any other method of divorce is totally unacceptable. The Bible shows that any time a woman commits adultery she must separate from the man and never come back to be a husband of his wife. Even after being “wiped” or “excommunicated” the husband must not remarry his ex-partner. The Bible never mandates any kind of civil or penal justice for any one. It simply says so. The fact that there is a time when the Bible says one must separate from the man also means that time is often the best time to separate. If a marriage is not already going awry and should be treated as if it is, then the sooner one can separate the better, right? This certainly is the approach the Bible assumes will save marriages from irreparable damage. But it also shows that divorce is not a divine decree, but a human action, and if a divorce can be avoided by giving your love and affection to another, so be it and if one cannot, then one must at least love and love to him more. In other words, when a wife has committed adultery, and when she has given herself over to a man whom she has not loved, that man may be forgiven by her, but she will not be. She must continue to be with the man, which is not a civil or penal sanction for adultery. No one can simply walk away from a sin committed over and over again. For the same reason, a husband is not obligated in the marriage to continue to love and honor the wife he has married. Nor is he obligated to let all the “woe” happen between them because she might go “off to the whorehouses or some other place and be taken in by the adulterers or fornicators.” All of this is an effort by the people to avoid the inevitable and that is what they are working against. The Bible is clearly on the side of the woman and does not permit her to receive eternal damnation for committing adultery.

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(Exodus 23:25,26:28-39)

The Bible does not approve of divorce until one has taken every step necessary to avoid it.

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