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This is a question that’s often asked. While it seems obvious that tattoos are popular, it’s more a matter of who you ask than what tattoos do well. Tattoos that get high levels of social media love are the ones that make you feel like you are a “real” person. And while people do say they like a certain type of tattoo, tattoo lovers tend to gravitate towards people who they can relate to and who share their interests.

According to the survey, people are most interested in tattoos that do a lot of things for you, such as the “right to express,” the “right to be a part of a community,” and the “right to have their own identity.”

Tattoo lovers typically seek out people who have tattoos of different sizes, colors, body parts, and body types. People also want one-of-a-kind tattoos that don’t change. You might receive a tingling, glowing, glowing, glowing, piercing, beautiful pierce (that only applies when you’re in a bad mood), and a huge, gigantic tattoo that looks like a monster head, while someone else only has a small heart.

For those who have tattoos that just need to say something, however, the survey recommends the “right to identify.” It’s a nice reminder of that unique thing you have inside your body that’s special to who you are.

Tattoo lovers were also fond of tattoos that are “inclusive.” This includes tattoos that can be taken off and can be altered to fit with new life experiences.

Other popular styles of tattoos were:









Dangerous (biker type)




Fairy (scary)


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In fact, it was an elephant that made it to the top list!

What’s the biggest tattoo conundrum?

The most popular tattoo conundrum is having a tattoo “that can’t see,” as people often say. In this case, it just means that it only works when people see it.

Tattoo lovers want tattoos that are small enough that people can’t tell how big they are. The average tattoo that only has 10,000 to 12,000 cells is about 4 inches wide

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