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In general, the scriptures contain no teachings contrary to this command as a matter of faith. For example, a man of God’s faith would not allow dogs to bite someone on the street to prevent someone else from seeing a woman in the church building without wearing clothes. Similarly, a man of God would not allow a dog to touch a child in the playground, unless the child could be assured that the dog was not a threat.

The command to avoid “all unclean and untimely things” is included in the Old Testament, where it was first contained in Leviticus chapter 19:

“You shall not bathe in any of the rivers (for you shall come under the law of Moses; therefore you shall not have many clean animals to drink) (this is not applicable to the animal you feed, but to the bird or fish that feeds on them).”

The prohibitions against animal feeding do not apply to poultry or other farm animals, and are included in the rules of Leviticus chapter 22.

In the New Testament, the scriptures forbid animal feeding even if there is a specific need – for example, if your neighbor is ill (Deuteronomy 21:22-23) or if there is a famine or disaster (Matthew 21:16-17).

In the Old Testament and in Revelation, animal feeding only becomes wrong if the animal must be fed while the human is away.

To prevent animal feeding, the scriptures forbid unclean animals being in your house. But many people do feed their pets in their homes. The following biblical passages forbid the same:

The Lord said: “But do not take dogs, or wild beasts, or any other kind.” (Genesis 6:5 and 6)

“But take care lest there should be in your midst a juster than mine adversary, coming to try you on your conscience, so that you may repent.” (Psalm 37:5)

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“The God of truth will put all the wicked to death.” (Is 49:12-13)

“Whosoever eats man’s flesh and drinks his blood is one of us; and whoever swears by the name of the Father, and by the Son, and by the Holy Ghost, is one of us.” (John 14:12)

There are other rules for avoiding food, but they do not apply to dogs.

For the protection of other household members, food can be kept outside, if it

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