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One such religious group has been fighting against the death penalty in many countries, such as Israel and Kenya. The religious group has won many victories against death penalty.

The main reason behind the high number of people who are not comfortable with the death penalty is that the criminal justice system has become very sophisticated at targeting people and taking away all other civil rights. The majority of the victims of the death penalty are young males.

In this context, many of the perpetrators of violent crimes are people who are not Muslim in the first place. This is the result of religious bias and the cultural hegemony of the state.

In the US, for example, the state of Texas executed 39 people within the same two week period in 2006 without facing any form of protest, even amid violent riots that erupted in the country as the death penalty was handed down on June 26.

This kind of religious bias leads to another argument – if Islam or other religions can be blamed for the death penalty, why does the punishment still exists? It’s a good question that is seldom answered.

In addition to the fact that Muslims are the only religion which is considered non-negotiable in the US; the majority of the victims of the United States death penalty – in fact the victims – are either white (37% of all victims) or American Indians (10%).

Many people believe the death penalty to be barbaric, even cruel. Many people are unaware of the fact that the death penalty is carried out for murder, in non-Islamic countries, which involves the death of any non-believer.

As a matter of fact, a study conducted by Dr. Charles Krauthammer in January of 2009 revealed that the death penalty in the US is not practiced as an effective deterring tool.

Furthermore, it is also true that certain groups within America are also under the influence of religious teachings to be more violent to other groups within America.

It is impossible to deny that this type of religious bias has led to the death penalty in this country, although it isn’t exactly the case that Muslims have the monopoly of religion in this country.

Why the death penalty is still practiced in the US

It’s important to understand that the death penalty is still practiced in the United States; this is the result of religious and religious beliefs being imposed not in the image of God nor in the interests of the state but in the guise of justice. In other words, the American criminal justice system is not

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