What religion Cannot touch dogs? – Filipino Tribal Tattoo Designs On Paper

Can your dog walk on the road?

Can dogs be used as “security guards” as I’ve seen on TV “security” agencies? Please let us know if you’ve come across this.

Are people being sent to jail to “help” the dogs? What are the ramifications for the dog when you go to jail?

Is it a crime to let your dog be alone in the house?

Should people be fined or jail for “dog-walking” dogs?

There’s also a great video at the link below which is about some things that can possibly go wrong. If you’ve seen it, please comment below. And thank you for your support.


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Hibiscus tattoo design collection by Pictrixel on DeviantArt


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The World, it has emerged, is a great big place – as the world’s population grows it becomes a more demanding place, but we also know that it is growing exponentially. How we use energy will always be of interest. And we know that while we are not going to produce all of the world’s energy needs in the coming years – with a rising population, increased global trade and environmental pressures we could well find ourselves in some serious crisis in which the world’s energy needs will dwarf our capabilities to process them.

So how do we make the most of the energy that we do have.

And that means we need to consider not just what we’re going to produce – but how we’re going to use the energy that we do.

And that’s what this talk of “smart” energy – the idea that as we start to use more and more intelligent processes such as those used by our brains, then the energy available for that processing is increasing exponentially – is all about.

The UK is an interesting example here. When the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) started talking about smart and smart storage there was a lot of enthusiasm among those who wanted to “make everything smart”. But when it was pointed out how a smart grid could potentially run at the same time as a smart storage site, it quickly became clear that people would be better off with a smart grid. And, from what I understand, a smart storage site is as much about how you design it as about how much you store.

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