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“We’re in a new age of modern tattooing,” said Robert Binder, general manager at D-Rite Tattooing Co. in St. Petersburg, FL. “We now offer tattooing in a new fashion that brings a more casual look to the process.” For the latest trends, check out this list of tattoo edgier-than-thou tattoo parlors .

What can I look forward to?

There will hopefully be an evolution in the way you tattoo, as new tattoo studios will sprout up around the country to give the traditional tattooer an exciting new challenge. In an age where tattoos look better, feel better and function better than ever, it will surely be fascinating to see how the industry evolves in the years to come.

There’s been some great discussions and research out there recently, so I thought I’d pull together some new, up-to-date statistics on the different types of guns used in America.

The data include:

Firearm-related homicides and suicides (see sidebar table here), as well as “accidental” deaths of all types.

There’s more info on these in the report’s index. Just hit the link.

As for accidental firearm deaths of all types – the latest figures I could find on the subject suggest that there was around 12,000 such fatalities in 2013 — though I was not able to find specific information on the categories which include self-inflicted, criminal, and alcohol-related deaths.

It is noteworthy that many of these deaths are not just those from crime, but also those due to drug overdoses and alcohol intoxication.

(For more on the topic of homicides and suicides, see here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

(And please feel free to share your views on the above statistics with comments.)

It’s also noteworthy that many of those guns used in crime are owned by people who are already “law abiding” and thus not at all likely to harm their fellow humans.

To find out which types of guns America has become so dependent on, take a look at this table, made up of statistics from the FBI’s 2011 data set:

So which are used more in crimes than the other types? The simple answer is guns. But there are a couple of things worth noting.

The two gun categories “firearm” and “explosive firearm” aren’t really comparable types of guns. Fire

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