What is new school tattooing? – Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Hand

We are a collective of two men who have been working on this project together for a good 2 years.

We started working on this project when we were students at University of Sydney. However we have wanted to bring our art form to the mainstream since 2008 and we want to share with other artists.

Our first project was at a student convention where students had decided to start their own tattoo parlour together. We were approached by one of the students and offered a position as their new artist when we graduated. They wanted to expand their experience as artists and we agreed to join as our first artist. After 6 months of working together we started to design tattoo designs on our own which we share with the public each year at student conventions.

Who are you?

My name is Kevin and I studied at the School of Art and Design and is now pursuing a BFA with a major in tattoo design. I have a passion for making tattoos and I’m passionate about tattooing that has taught me many lessons about the way the mainstream tattoo industry works.

I am a small studio that works with my team, which consists of me, my girlfriend Tameeka, our design team, our business advisor and my graphic designer. All of us are students and have been tattooing for about a year now.

What do you do?

We design some of our own tattoo designs, which are then hand drawn on canvas and sent to our client for final approval, which usually leads to 3D printing.

What can I expect?

Every artist brings different skills to the table, which means that every project is different. We believe it is important to give everyone that makes up the team a unique approach to tattooing but also the ability to communicate well and communicate with the public.

Our mission is to provide some of Sydney’s very best tattoo artists with the expertise to get a lot of clients and provide them with some of the best tattooing experience in Sydney. We pride ourselves on working with clients who love the work, but appreciate that it’s part of the art process. Because of our approach we are getting the best out of tattoo artists and the clients!

What do clients expect?

They expect professional tattooing that is not just a job for ‘everyone else’. They want to feel like they’re making something special in their own hands.

What is your philosophy on tattooing?
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We would love to share with you the process as much as possible

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