What is haram for a woman? – Cool Tribal Tattoo Designs For Women On Ribs In Slow

“Hear her pray”
Clock tattoo set to the time my son was born! Dave's ...

A woman who tries to pray standing up to the ceiling can see that the sun is descending, and if she does not pray her hair will fall out. “Hear her pray” means listen to her. The man who can hear her will not get any benefits from her.

“When a woman sees a man who has a great deal of wealth she cannot bear for him, she said: ‘Is there a way I may see? My husband has a great deal of wealth. He has a servant and I have none of my own. Can I see him?’ So he gave her [her husband’s] servants and she stood outside the door; when he opened the door, she saw them, but she couldn’t bear to open the door herself.

“And she said to him: ‘My husband is rich, and he has a servant; will you tell me where he lives, and I shall take him to be with me. And will not his servants come and inform us of his good work and of the good he does for his customers [the poor people of the city]?’ “And he stood in front of her, and she saw him and said to him: ‘How long have these servants been with me, and have we never been in a house where men go [to eat] together?’ And he said: ‘I am the son of your servant. And your father bought them all of them with food that they had made; they have never eaten anything from you and they haven’t lived in your house, but as guests in your own; they have never come into your food.’ And she answered: ‘Have you brought me no gold to buy me, and no silver to buy me with, I mean my body?’ For it is hard to find the one who is from among you who is not rich like this and like him.

[From] this she said to the sons of the king: ‘Now then, go and say to your father: Bring me a woman of purest gold. This is what I want, and you shall take her to me.

“‘And your father said: ‘Bring me a woman of purest gold, and I will have no desire to have any more wives at all’ And he brought her up to the room where he was seated, and he ordered his men to take her, and she was not there when he returned from the house, for she was sleeping. And he turned

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