What is a Samoan tattoo called? – Dragon Tattoo Designs For Women Hip To Waist

This is one I am very excited about! I just had a Samoan tattoo done last year with Samoan tattoo art that I bought from the UK. I was so shocked that it is a very old style tattoo – I couldn’t believe that this style has almost entirely disappeared. It is pretty hard for me to wrap my head around and for now I am more excited by this tattoo than I want to say that I’m not allowed to talk about it!

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So what was the inspiration behind this project?

Well, when I heard that they’d had another exhibition, it was the perfect time to put down the marker and start to plan my tattoo art.

I had been working a lot of the time in the design industry so I have a really good idea of how this project would work. This really is just a piece of art!

I will start working on it during the day – usually about 30 and 45 minute sessions depending on the strength of the tattoo and when I want to finish. After the first two or three days I start to go back on the tattoo design, usually working on it on weekends just until there is an itch I want to scratch!

When I see that time has passed and I still have not finished my tattoo then there is something that is really frustrating – I have not completed it yet! The hardest thing is to see how the design was created and then I have to work it out again.

I am really excited about this project! I am hoping it inspires others to get a tattoo and that it gives them an idea as to what is possible!

What makes your tattoos unique?

I don’t know about different tattoos, my tattoos are always unique in that they are the best I have ever seen!

I try and make them look and feel as if they could have been made by someone else because it really does make them so unique! I try and give it a feel, the paint, the colours that I used and the way that they are laid out. Sometimes it has to be done from memory, sometimes it has to be a picture of how I have seen them and how it looks in colour or paint! I have a fantastic background in illustration and it is in my blood!

Sometimes the way that the designs are laid out makes it look different from how I first designed them and so it is a little bit of challenge in designing it. I use digital painting software called Gimp which is available to anyone and anyone can use it

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