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The Samoan tattoo is a unique tattoo style developed in Samoa in 2007 with the goal to give people that different look and style in their tattoos.

The tattoo is said to show Samoan history, but with that same sense of humor in which the locals give everyone the impression of being funny as a result. Each image in the tattoos has it’s own meaning and even the tattoos, can be completely different due to it’s design.

Many tattoo enthusiasts do not understand why people are drawn to the tattoo style. The reason that tattoos have been adopted into Samoan culture is so that they can showcase their culture. The tattoos can also be a way of bringing people together and sharing memories.

Another reason that people love to have tattoos, is that it helps to enhance their sense of style. It gives them something unique to show off and is one of the most popular tattoos for many young adults.

Samoan Tattoos
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A Samoan tattoo consists of a large image of the Samoan people at the heart of the image, with a large symbol at the left hand side of the image. This symbol is also in a combination of colors as well as the design. For example there is a mixture of blue, red and black colors, representing the colors of the Samoan people and sea.

A more traditional tattoo, is that of the “sun cross” which is a horizontal design of the Samoan sun and moon with the Samoan name written on the right side at the top. This symbol has been in use in traditional Samoan tattoos for over 100 years and is an important symbol in many traditional Samoan tattoos and artworks. It also represents the sun worshiping and symbolizes people being at peace from the ocean.

Samoan tattoos do not all have the same designs. Some designs are more common in the tattoo than the others. It will be your choice to choose what you want in your tattoo as the colors can be very different, depending on your tattoo and tattooing style.

Samoan Tattoos Tips for Tattooers

Samoan tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and can be combined with more traditional Samoan tattoos. In addition the design can be different as well.

Most people don’t know what is an old school Samoan tattoo, and many people will not know what comes after those Samoan tattoos that are not traditional. Most are considered as just a tattoo like any other but they are also used to represent a long lost tribe that was living at the

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