What does the swallow tattoo mean? – Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs Simple On Paper

I had two swallows before my tattoo; one when I was pregnant and one before I gave birth, so I am already one swallow away from my tattoo. It means that I am getting my belly and my stomach right on my front right when I sit on my toilet. It means I am getting that little bit of stomach, right on top, for sure. It means I want to make sure I am still the best I can possibly be. It reminds me of the belly. So I am getting that belly right on top.

What is “thumb” and what do you use as the base?

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My thumb tattoo doesn’t have a base, it is just me and my whole body. I am still using just an outline of mine. That is the way I prefer to do it. I really like the idea of having a whole body tattoo, it’s something that really brings someone another world. I love the idea of my tattoos being like my own body, and I get really sad when people think that I am just making an image of my body. I am being myself, just with all the tattoos on my body. That is how I feel.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to work in Tattooing for a long time. I am pretty sure that I will be done with tattoos at some point. I think I still have a lot of ideas, and I am going to try to incorporate more of my own story into the tattoos.

Where are you now?

I am currently in London finishing my degree, and I have other projects that keep me busy.

Why do you want to make your body visible?

I want to make a statement when I am done, not just my body, because I always get these questions about my body and always get so self-conscious about how good it is. When I am done with this body, I think I can actually enjoy people more, and I can really enjoy life a lot more.

You’re a very private person. Have you received any criticism regarding your tattoos?

I definitely get a lot of bad vibes because of my tattoos, some people don’t want to touch them, some people take them, but I’ve got no problem with it because it’s my body, I want to work with the tattoos, I have no problem at all. People should just be proud of their body and be proud that I am living in the moment. I am

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