What does the Catholic Church say about cremation? – Small Tattoo Designs For Women In Arms

Catholic doctrine holds that any person who has not been cremated after receiving an organ or tissue donation is to be regarded as a human person, and to be kept in the state of perpetual life. According to the Catholic Church, this is contrary to the teachings of Scripture, the Fathers of the Church and the Doctors of the Church. The teachings of the Catholic Church also indicate that cremation is a grave sin. (Pope John Paul II, “Evangelii gaudium”)

According to the Catholic Church, no one can receive an organ or a tissue donation while in the state of mortal sin. This is not merely a statement of scientific fact, based on science, but a statement of faith, based on the Catholic Church, the Second Vatican Council (Amoris Laetitia), and on the common Catholic sense of human justice, which has always held that human persons are not completely innocent. According to the teachings of the Catholic Church, no one with a severe problem is to be allowed to receive an organ or tissue donation.

In her talk, she described her experience as the person who first gave birth at a hospital in Los Angeles two decades ago, and her transition into a transgender person, after years in the closet as she attempted surgery that would have been inhumane. She spoke about the physical discomfort and physical pain of breast augmentations, and the psychological anguish and isolation that came with that choice. But what she didn’t talk about was one of the more significant milestones for many transgender people: how often we have a negative reaction to our own bodies—or to that of someone whose gender identity matches who we were given. In a recent interview, Jenner discussed having experienced that in her early years as a transgender woman. As a 20-year-old transgender woman, she had a mastectomy, a breast implant, and a “big fat boob job.” It was an arduous procedure, and also expensive—the $3,000 spent on the procedures was more than she could ever expect to earn working in the fashion industry. I asked her if she could share her story today, when there are so many new options and resources out there for transgender people. We spoke via Skype for several hours.

VICE: How did you know that you were trans when you were young?

Jenner: I remember being a teenager. My mom [Jenner’s mother Kim] says it was a hard choice for me, being born a boy, and I think I wanted to be who I was not because

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