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Tattoos are generally considered unacceptable by all religions. Jesus, the Christian God, was not bothered by the fact that he was tattooed. He gave tattoos to people who could bear it, he said, and those who could not would be put to death in his name.[10] The Bible does not condone tattooing. In addition, some Bible verses condemn tattoos (such as 1 Corinthians 4:6 and 2 Corinthians 3:7).[11]

Does the Bible support tattoos?

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The Bible does not support tattoos. The words of Jesus are not in the Bible, so the Bible would not support tattooing at all, in the sense of tattooing. It’s true that some Bible verses do teach in-your-face tattoos. The most famous of these is Matthew 7:1–7, which speaks to in-your-face tattoos. Matthew 7:1–7 states that the tattoo will turn people against you. (See here and here for more on Matthew 7 : Tattoo or Not—In-Your-Face Tattoos. ) Yet, other books in the New Testament (John, Revelation, and Revelation and the New Testament) teach that tattoos should not be used as a form of expression.

What about the other people who have tattoos?

This is something Christians who practice what they preach should be able to agree on. Christians who do not use tattoos are not doing things out of character. Some Christians do, however, argue that other people who have a tattoo probably can’t afford the medical treatment they receive, but that the Christian should not be involved with the people who have tattoos. They say, “Jesus did not allow anyone to have tattoos, and so that’s different. This Christian is using his money and time to support this behavior. He should not be involved in this, either.” The reality is that a Christian should not be involved in the treatment or the decision making process of people who have tattoos. That is a matter of biblical law: it doesn’t matter how much money, how much time, how much influence you have on this person. God calls those who serve in his kingdom as servants, not serfs (Galatians 6:2).

It is one thing to give an advice that is relevant to your life. It is quite another for someone to take a stand on a biblical law.

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