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The main sins are disbelief (taqwa), apostasy (izmat), adultery, theft, murder, lying, disobedience to Allah (khalq), apostasy from Islam (kafa), rebellion against God and His messenger and others. However there are more. It appears from Surah Baqara (3) and Qur’an (2:256) that Islam has more rules than other religions in some aspects.

There are some major rules to keep in mind about Islam:

Slavery is not allowed with any reason.

The Muslims can’t be wrong in any case.

It is not allowed for a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim or non-Muslim sister or a non-Muslim maid on account of a marriage contract or marriage.

Non-Muslims cannot be killed in any case and even the death of a non-Muslim under any circumstances is allowed.

Any Muslim can be a non-Muslim and still have a family.

A Muslim can kill a non-Muslim if he can say that this was not in the belief of Islam as a part of the judgement, but Muslims can’t be killed by a non-Muslim for their religious beliefs.
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No religion can ask its believers to become Christians, Jews or Buddhists or any other religion or have any inter-religious relations with non-Muslims.

If a person wants to convert to Islam, he has to pay a special tax from the Muslims, which is a non-refundable money charge. This charge is called khums (or khana) and is based on the age of the person and he should also sign a document with the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم). If the person’s parents reject his conversion request the charge gets taken by the state. Even non-Muslims can not be granted khums if they are Muslim.

Allah (SWT) has the right to punish a Muslim for committing kufr such as apostasy, sowing corruption, or adultery. Allah (SWT) also has the right – after consultation with all the above authorities – to kill a Muslim in order to put an end to the rebellion against Allah’s messenger but this is allowed with the consent of the ruling Muslim community.

A man would not be allowed to marry a non-Muslim, even if it is a sister.

A Muslim would not inherit from non-Muslims.

A non-Muslim

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