What are meaningful tattoo ideas? – Tattoo Designs For Men With Meaning

I don’t think there’s any question about it. I don’t believe you need to choose a tattoo every day to be successful in the industry, or even to have a successful career. But we do need to have tattoo ideas in order to make art work for us, to share with others, and to make an impact — as artists, as a community within our art, and ultimately as human beings.

What is the future for tattooing in Philadelphia? It’s certainly exciting. It’s the place we have always wanted to be. There are no fewer people currently working in tattooing here (including myself), than there were when I started my career in Philly almost 20 years ago. The growth seems inexhaustible. I am optimistic. It’s hard to find the perfect tattoo ideas, but a great tattoo idea is never as hard to find as an optimistic attitude toward life and the beauty of the tattoo. (Photo credit: Tuck.com)

What is your greatest tattoo wish? I’d like to see my work be worn by the coolest people in the world … not just my friends, but the most interesting strangers, and for that moment of recognition to actually mean something. I’d really enjoy that feeling of being able to say, ‘Hey, I made a tattoo for you.’ I want everyone I encounter on a daily basis to think of my work as art, and a piece of art rather than a tattoo. (Photo credit: Kaya.com)

What is your favorite tattoo product? I absolutely love the Hairy Ink, it’s a little like going through a long, slow burn process. It burns for an hour or longer and after about 30 seconds, my skin feels as if it is on fire. I get a lot of great feedback, but mostly it’s the reactions from older clients who are surprised and surprised to have their tattoo burned on. (Photo credit: Tuck.com)

What are your most important and life-changing tattoo thoughts? I think all art is connected to other art. Art gets lost in the everyday, and it needs to stay connected to the moment. I think it’s so common to assume just because something is on your body, it means something to you. It doesn’t. I think it’s important to remember that art can reflect back to us on every level: personal, physical, cultural, spiritual and intellectual. The tattoo industry is not just for you. There are people across the globe who want to be the creators of work. The

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