Is it a sin to eat pork? – Black And White Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Not in the sight of God.

I’ll get my bacon-wrapped piggy from the fridge.

If it’s cold, put it in the microwave.

It’s all right to use it when you’re hungry.

I think God will love me no matter what I eat.

I put cheese on all the pizza.

My father says that there are three things the rich should have:

Two of them are pork and pork tenderloin:

The other one is chicken, ham and bacon:

And he says, “No, no — pork is not good for anyone;

So what’s the point of eating pork anyway?”

I’ll say, “Why don’t you eat some potatoes?”

“Why do you ask such a silly question?” [?]

I think God’s a little slow.

So if you’re going to eat pork, it better be very good.

If it’s not so great, you shouldn’t be eating it.

I think God takes a little bit longer than I do.

So you can use pork if it’s very tender.

But, if it’s very cold (or very dry),

You might want to eat something with bacon.

Can I go to heaven just looking at my parents’ faces? [?]

When are the pigs going to come home again?

No, just stay here — and if they don’t come back tomorrow,

I’ll put a bucket over the pig. [?]

If you have a family member, do not eat pork.

Don’t talk to the pigs, and don’t let the pigs know you’re doing it.

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Albino Chaurus

Albino Chaurus are the first species of Chaurus found in the game. They resemble a large, dark-skinned creature with thin lines between their eyes. They can be found in various Chaurus dens throughout the world.

They are hostile to all types of player characters, including you, but they can be sold to at your own risk.

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