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Jesse is a tall guy! He stands at 5’9″ and weighs 155 Kg! Jesse is extremely handsome, if you’ve read my “Tallest Men” article, you’ll notice that he is always smiling. I’m sure that his height brings back lots of sweet memories of his younger days in the WWE, where he loved to wrestle, and where you’d always find him hanging out with some hot girls. Jesse even looks the same height as Daniel Bryan! But Jesse isn’t all smiles and laughter. He’s been through hard times, like when he lost his father, and when his brother died. Jesse was also in a serious car accident where he lost the use of his right hand. Since then he’s worked hard to get back to his former level, and I truly hope that it inspires him and motivates him to make it that much better in Japan. Jesse is very humble, but his personality makes him a great interview!

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chris Paul will go back to wearing a Nike shoe after all.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ All-Star point guard said Tuesday he will be able to wear the company’s signature shoes for the first time since 2011 as a part of his retirement ceremony Nov. 28. The shoe company is planning to give the shoes for free in November 2013, he said, making them part of its official gear lineup for the rest of the year.

Editor’s Picks Lakers’ Paul is planning ‘special’ farewell When Paul leaves, the Lakers will be the first team to not carry the Nike model of sneakers.

He’ll hold off on wearing the shoe until Nov. 28, though.

Paul has not worn the new shoe since 2012 because of a shoulder injury, but the Los Angeles Lakers will wear the original design last season, which Paul had dubbed “the best shoe ever made.” Bryant said he was “honored” to receive the original version when he first wore the shoes as a rookie in 2006.

The shoes won’t include the signature Paul has kept stitched into the bottom of the shoes since 2010 and into the toe.

They’ll have new logos, and some other new touches. Paul said he doesn’t have anything signed or dated, “just as it came from the factory.”

Editor’s Picks Lakers’ L.A. farewell ceremony will be on Nike vs. adidas The shoes will be unveiled on Nov. 28, with the first official game in November expected to be with

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