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– This question is probably the most difficult to answer, but you will have to ask our staff at the table to answer it. As long as you’ve got the right measurement, Jesse Smith is a very good and solid player for us. He can score at the highest levels and, with a shot at the Euros, is probably our best player.

How accurate is the Jesse Smith shooting chart?

Jesse is an extremely accurate shooter, but we do not have a great shot-chart at this point. You can have a look at the chart below. The shooting numbers give you an idea of how quickly Jesse can fire a ball towards goal.

So how accurate is the Jesse Smith shot charts anyway?

Well, it is possible that Jesse’s shot-chart will appear inaccurate due to the fact that he shot a lot in the previous season, so don’t just assume that it is a representation of how accurate Jesse will be in 2015/16.

The above shot-chart shows Jesse’s shots at various angles. Each shot’s angle corresponds to the angle in which a soccer ball is shot. This angle is represented with a vertical bar. That is, Jesse’s goal-shots will be represented with vertical lines. We also calculate the following information:

Total dribbled

Seconds-on-the-passed (or shots off of shots off of the shot on goal)

Total passes
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The final number is simply the number of shot attempts made by that player in the game.

So, if you’re thinking I would compare Jesse’s shooting to my other strikers, think again. Let’s just compare Jesse with players like Cesc Fabregas, Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling and James Rodriguez.

Jesse Smith (from left to right) vs. Paul Pogba (from left to right) vs. Raheem Sterling (from left to right) vs. James Rodriguez (from left to right)

And here is the breakdown of what our team look like against the top eight clubs in the world as well as the rest of the league.


Average points per game and points per game percentage are a good reflection of Jesse’s contribution as a striker, but if you combine both of them you will find that Jesse is not in the same league as them all. His statistics are not that impressive because he is not putting forward a lot of goals. The number of shots he

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