Does the Bible say not to swear? – Tattoo Designs For Male Wrist

Here are some more questions and answers:

1. What’s the word or article used in the Bible for the verb “to swear?”

The word we use today to have to swear is “apostle,” which literally means “a priest.” In other words, the word literally means “a priest who is called to an office that is related to or has a relationship to that office” (Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 2nd ed, p. 810).

2. Does the Bible say not to swear?

Not necessarily. We have to remember that the Bible is the Word of God. It’s really a compilation of what God has said in Scripture about what is or is not OK to perform as a priest or an apostate.

3. So the Bible says not to swear. But it also says that the Bible does not call us to be apostates.

True, that doesn’t necessarily contradict what the Bible says, it just means that the Bible does not consider us to be apostates.

4. How about “to swear in the presence of witnesses?” Doesn’t the Bible call you to be an apostate?

That’s not exactly true. The Bible doesn’t say anyone has to be an apostate (except for a few exceptions in the Old Testament).

However, many Old Testament books do call you to that office, so you should ask for the Book of Job. It says:

It is better for you to be sold as a sheep than to have seven rulers over you: the eagle, the leopard, the scorpion, the wasp, the viper, and the blind leading the blind, and whoever is given to drink alcohol or to do drugs, a greedy person, a liar and a hater of God’s commandments,

(Job 42:13-15).

5. The Bible says not to swear. But then why would the Lord call us to apostasy?

God chose to call us to apostasy during the days of the apostles. The apostle Paul was a true slave of Christ, he was a servant of God.

He was able to be a slave of God because the Lord was making him a slave of Christ. The Lord allowed him to have an independent life.

The Lord also allowed him to follow God’s laws with such authority that even he couldn’t follow what he was commanded to do, but he did it anyway.

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