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Is not swearing an act of violence? Shouldn’t we be thankful that so many nations have embraced the Ten Commandments because they were so clear? Why does our nation’s president make a video in which he says the Lord said don’t be violent? Why does he say we shouldn’t be violent? Is one of those Bible verses a lie or a literal interpretation of the Lord’s true intent?
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A quick poll of some of those involved in the military shows that a sizable majority believes it is. Even the top command of a Navy ship, the Navy, is not ready to swear.

From the Navy Daily:

The commandant of the Naval Academy told a class of midshipmen in May that he would not swear “anything that’s not in the Bible,” The Washington Post reported Monday. “As someone who takes no oath to anything, I don’t feel that it’s appropriate, particularly in an oath taken by a commissioned officer,” Rear Adm. David R. Goldfein said. “When I hear others say, ‘That’s right,’ I don’t believe that’s true.”

The U.S. military should be taking their oath to God like the rest of America. We need peace and love and compassion. The best way we’d be able to do that is to give back to the people who gave so much of themselves to save our country. And the best way to honor it is by being honest, which is why I want to start by telling some of the most common and obvious lies about God’s word and life.

Here are some of the most common ones:

1) God doesn’t exist “as a concept.”

I’ve heard this one a lot. I think it’s absolutely pathetic. It starts off with the statement “that’s not in the Bible.”

Well, you can think “that” is in the Bibleā€¦ You just haven’t read it, because they didn’t bother to give it to you. You just have to trust them.

Here’s a more literal version: God doesn’t exist by the concept of that word in the Bible because it’s not the way that people talk about Him. God is real through His perfect attributes, not by the concept of His existence.

I’ll give you an example:

People may speak highly of Jesus as a Christian because the concept of Him is so important to the Gospel they think of Him as the “god of love.” But they don’t really worship

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