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Not really – although they do get a chance to settle into their permanent shape, they will often turn out better if it’s a bit younger. When I was young, I would get bored of the same style of tattooed arm every day. I was also very shy and unpretentious – I’d only get one tattoo before I had to stop and try something new.

But as I got older, more and more people in my hometown started getting tattoos at the age of 15 or 16. I began to think that a tattoo is a personal statement, and that it’s better to create a design within my own heart and soul or let people take it from here. And so, rather than letting people get a design on their arms every day, I decided to start experimenting with the more imaginative designs I could come up with.

If I had to have one word of advice, it would be this: Don’t take your own advice too seriously.

What would you do differently today? I think that a lot of the people who have tattoos – who I get my inspiration from – have chosen to embrace their tattoos and make them their own thing. I would do a lot of the same things that I always do with my own designs, just a bit more creatively.

What’s next for you? I’m currently on my second tattoo, the “Tattoo Of The Year” one. I’m also working on a fashion magazine which will feature my personal ideas and work. And as an artist I’m always seeking new opportunities, and always have.

This is a story which is all about your journey…

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CALGARY – As his party fights to make life miserable for the government and its leader, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has been putting out the flame-throwing fires on the Wildrose.

The party is trying to take a shot at Rachel not-so-secretly holding a leadership contest when she is re-elected. Notley told the Calgary Herald she was willing to wait. The Wildrose is not yet ready to make that move.

That’s a shame.

And the Wildrose, which has just a handful of seats in the province and a new leader in Jason Kenney, should have to worry about their chances in that competition.

In the 2014 election, voters elected Notley in big numbers on a

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