Do realistic tattoos age well? – Medium Sized Tattoo Designs For Men Forearms

Is your current design in good shape? If not, what would you like to change?

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Balding, handsome and athletic, Balding has made a name for himself in the Tattoo world as a photographer to the stars. He offers his talents to the clients in his studio on The Beach.

Wet Nurse Tattoo – Website

When you’re the man behind the curtain, what has been your biggest thrill so far? How many people have been lucky enough to be caught by you at the booth?

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What is your favourite tattoo of all time?

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If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

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What is your most favourite tattoo of all time?

Wet Nurse Tattoo – Website

What one word is going to change everything about the way you see your body?

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This is what my best friend told me the most incredible, inspiring and amazing thing is what he did to me he turned me into a different person in a very short amount of time. It changed the way i look at tattoos and how i see myself. He turned me into someone that has the potential to be a different person. What I see in my life is so incredibly big and i look forward to a lot of things that might change that. In my life right now i look forward to some incredible new relationships and the things happening and change that will take place. I’m really proud to have had the opportunity to see that. You’re the reason i am here and I hope that will be the reason to you as well. To have that happen is something that every one should dream of. I have learned a very big lesson about how and why people are born in all of us. We all are connected to those others that come into existence. A life like mine would not have been the same as it is without the people that were in front of me. To say nothing of the beautiful and talented people that surrounded me and the people that helped to make me what I am. Thank you so much for that experience. You shaped me in a lot of different ways and I want to tell those people what a great man you are. To be able to share that with them is such a blessing. It will give them meaning and peace with themselves in a very short amount

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